Reflections – Growing Old Together

It was my intention to add reflections, spiritual, cultural and observational to the blog all along, but I quite got into the pictures, scenery and events, and it became more of a travelogue. So now I’d like to go back and add some reflections.

It seems that over the past couple years Brian and I became quite busy with our individual very active lives and, in doing so, grew somewhat apart. We didn’t do as much together; the affection was more like the occasional peck as one or the other was heading out the door to some activity or another. I’m sure that part of the problem was my growing impatience with things, with myself and with him, as we aged and things changed and grew more challenging. On this trip a wonderful and unexpected thing happened. We grew very close together.

For one, we were a little independent unit on the Camino, each dependent on the other. Brian was physically stronger and would always help me heft my pack up onto my back. I’d always help him straighten out his twisted shoulder straps and pull the waist belt out from under the pack. Brian’s eyes are not so good, so I’d do things like open packages of snacks, etc., find the keyhole to put the key in the door at the pensions. My hearing isn’t very good so he would tell me that my camera phone had clicked when I couldn’t hear it, and that there was a bike come up behind me on the trail that I couldn’t hear.

He was very patient with me, standing watch during my frequent potty stops and waiting patiently for me to catch up while I chugged along slowly behind him, sometimes just a dot in the distance!

And I found myself becoming more relaxed and more patient with myself and with Brian. We began to be more affectionate with each other (well not in the alberques!) But when we lucked out in a pension and got a ‘matrimonial’ (double bed) we could cuddle and snuggle (or whatever!), something that hadn’t happened much before the trip.

We talked a lot more, sharing thoughts we’d had about our lives, about our families, emotional experiences we had along the way. And we really rebonded. Another wonderful and unexpected benefit of the Camino!


13 thoughts on “Reflections – Growing Old Together

  1. Certainly a pilgrimage ……one never knows at the start what might happen. thanks for sharing the whole adventure!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your minds and expierences!
    You gave me the answer for the question i asked me the whole Time: What are they talking and thinking about during the weeks in the camino? Because they sitting, walking, sleeping 24/7, without any alternatives!

    Again thank you … We love you!

    A big Hug from your Haendler Family from Germany

  3. Beautifully said. What a miraculous journey in so many ways. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful adventure with us all. Big hugs and lots of love. Nancy and Steve

  4. What a wonderful commentary on an unexpected but ideal result of your pilgrimage! So happy for you two that you are learning, growing, growing together. Much love…

  5. I guess you could not ask for more from a pilgrimage than to be so united with your soul mate. Mission accomplished.

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